Operational strategy to ensure you're working smarter, not harder.

The deep dive: designed for businesses whose processes are currently inefficient and creating a bottleneck, wasting time and resource.

There is a process for everything that happens within your business, but are these processes all running smoothly for you? Are they all as efficient and fool-proof as they could be?


Our ‘Strategy Power Hour’ comprises of a one-time audit to really zoom out on your existing way of working in order to identify areas for improvement, streamlining and allowing you to focus on growing your business – not drowning in it. 


We’ll dig deep into your existing procedures and pull together a strategy plan for you – whether you take these steps yourself, delegate the plan to a member of your team or ask us to take care of it! 

The aim of the game here is to pinpoint where breakdowns are happening within your business and work collaboratively to solve and eliminate – addressing areas for improvement, modernising workflows and implementing the right tools and practical solutions to make your life easier. 


Similarly, you might see the value in having a virtual team but have no clue where to start. We can work with you to really understand everything about you and your business – and what both individually need to succeed.


You might not even need a VA – some problems can be solved by introducing automation or adapting the process, but if you do then we can figure out how best to integrate a VA with your bottom line in mind.  

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"Strategy Power Hour"

One-Off Audit & Strategy
  • Includes £100 of Virtual PA credit for implementation