Nutritionist (B2C)


Callum had a full client list, all at various stages in their journey with him.  This journey, however, was clunky, inefficient and highly laborious for both parties. Clients were becoming disengaged at certain points and regularly not receiving or sending the information they were scheduled to on time, resulting in a loss of momentum.


We dismantled the existing customer journey in order to pinpoint the bottlenecks – weak areas where customers were ‘falling off the wagon’ and requiring firefighting, causing headaches all round! 

Some, clunkier steps were eliminated and others replaced with smart automation to remove the need for manual interjection. This, together with some fine-tuning of the rest of the process resulted in a seamless customer journey. 

We also worked in some value pieces to further retain engagement and position for an upsell/retention at the end of the programme.


Less work required throughout by our client, with his customers much happier – receiving everything they should when they should – and, ultimately, better positioned to be upsold to thereafter.


Operational Strategy, followed by Virtual Assistance to action our client’s steps throughout the customer journey.