Virtual Assistance

Smart delegation means successful businesses. Free yourself up to focus on the bigger picture by delegating your day-to-day tasks to us – enabling you to get on with taking over the world. 

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Operational Consultancy

Busy but getting nowhere? Not sure where to start? We’ll collaborate with you to understand any inefficient areas within your operation, tear them apart and build up from there.

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Meet our Founder.

Handled is the brainchild of Sarah Burns, an experienced Executive Assistant who has worked closely with a number of high-level CEO’s and entrepreneurs – instrumental as a sounding board and strategically-thinking second brain.

Pragmatic, business-minded and referred to as “Mary Poppins” more than a couple of times, Sarah has sat at the centerfold of now super-successful startups as a trusted partner and been the secret weapon in ensuring razor-sharp focus and success throughout the ups and downs by being truly invested in the growth and future of the business.

With a wealth of experience and having grown Handled from a one-woman operation to a team of four within its first year, Sarah has a no-nonsense approach and is a serious advocate for ‘cutting out the rubbish’ in order to make things happen.